The Art of Fabric Printing and Embellishment 



For more than a century, generations of my family traded Persian carpets in Europe and the United States, deeply rooting our heritage in the worlds of art and business. 

After school, I spent several years working in the business industry and design field. While I enjoyed my success, I decided to pursue a textile degree (with a fashion minor) at the Academy of Art University. I have achieved high marks and numerous awards along the way and graduated magna cum laude (3.8GPA) May 2019.

I specialized in applied textiles design, surface design and developed exceptional proficiency in a variety of methodologies including tambour beading, surface embroidery, sewing, bag & footwear design and construction, paper design, book art, knitwear creation and graphic design. I am also expert in all forms of social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and blogging, and technically skilled in using Microsoft Office and Adobe software, and textile CAD design programs such as Lectra Kaledo Style.

Why I am the best candidate

Bringing textiles to life —developing an idea, translating it to paper, bringing it through production and manufacturing and watching it evolve into the final product is a process that inspires me and brings me joy. With years of professional experience, I’m skilled in managing teams, deadlines and budgets, and know how to handle complex situations and solve challenging problems. As a designer, I constantly research new trends and fabrics and look for opportunities to build collaborative relationships with designers, manufacturers, and vendors. I have a natural eye for what works and consistently deliver outstanding results. I am always looking for new opportunities, so please contact me today!

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